Wednesday, July 18, 2012


We have had constant company and family reunions for 2 weeks now. It has been AMAZING. Family on both sides and friends - friends from the World Race; which has been so awesome.

Last night was the last bit of company for a bit. We, and two other couples are starting a small group book/bible study on Tuesday nights at our house, and I know it will already be amazing. They are such wonderful people, and we spent last night catching up on life since it has been a while since we have seen a few of them. One couple just got engaged and their adorableness is off the charts, hearing them share their great love story.
We are going to be doing a study on having Grace with people. I think we all need that for sure. So excited. It will be so great to be so intentional with these two couples and laugh and go deep at the same time, encouraging and just loving each other where ever we are at in life.

So with the company being less for the next 2 weeks, I told Mike we need to regroup and take care of just normal life stuff. So today I called my Physical Therapy Assistant license place, since they are taking forever to process, and we found out that they have not received my school transcripts because they have not looked for them under my maiden name. DUH! Why did I not think of that? I applied for the license under my married name, and went to school under my maiden name. So we have it all figured out and my transcripts were found under my maiden name and I will have my license in about a week. Thank you Jesus. A good start to regrouping.

And what everyone else cares about, Matthew is hilarious and adorable and makes me laugh all the time. We are so in love with him and he is getting bigger each day and saying more words. But mostly, we are just obsessed with the fact that the little guy is our son, no matter what his milestones are right now. We just freaking love him like crazy.

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