Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Job

So I have a job. I'll be working contingent as a Physical Therapist Assistant at a hospital I used to work at. I'm so excited and happy it will work that I will work when Mike is home with Matthew. But I'm not gonna lie, those few hours I left him to take care of stuff at the hospital, I missed my kid like CRAZY! I am definitely not doing this job because I need a break from being a mom. Being a mom is my favorite job ever. I don't really need much of a break from him. A 7pm bedtime is good enough. I just will like to get myself with some patients again and take care of them and earn a little extra income for our family. It will be good. And I'm excited.


  1. yay congrats!! that's so exciting.

  2. that sounds wonderful Denise!! yay :)