Thursday, July 26, 2012

For the Love

Pretty darn blessed over here. Life is just taking an exciting turn. I don't know what it is but I just feel like things are moving for us. We get to host three people from out of the state at our house in the next week. Our friend is driving up here to take a retreat for a weekend. Sweet she chose our place, the one with the 16 month old. But we can't be more excited to see her. My mom then comes the night our friend leaves to go to a concert with me. And then the night my mom heads out, another sweet girl, whom I never met is coming to stay with us for the week. She is moving to Detroit, just 2 weeks fresh off from the race because God has clearly called her to this city. What a rock star. She is so passionate and motivated, and already has interviews and she has not been here yet. But I cannot wait to be a listening ear from her race. Dear Lord, I was a disaster after the race with my emotions, but she seems to really keep on going. Good for her. I just hope she slows down and processes every thing. We are happy this little house we are blessed with is a refuge for other people too.

Also, I have my interview on Tuesday to go back to work a bit for hours that Mike is home. This is big for us. I can maybe get myself to the dentist and pay off our school loans WAY faster than we expected. Oh, what a ton of bricks off our shoulders. Plus, I just really love the job and think it will be good all around.

Also, FOR THE LOVE sweet D-ROCK. Our friend from the race just bought us 12 new cloth diapers. A big package came in the mail and just like that, we can cross some things off the list for new baby. Wow. So blessed. Love you lady. SO MUCH!

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