Thursday, July 5, 2012

And Update and A Bump

It has been a while. My husband made me aware of that last night.
Here is my little blog update.

* I just discovered yesterday that my entire back fence is lined with daisy plants. If you only had any idea how much this means to me. I cried. They are my favorite flower and will be residing in my house as long as they bloom!! Look at how big and perfect they came out.

* Mike is taking off the next 8 weeks of classes. It is a wonderful decision. A few reasons are that he needs some time and space to grieve the loss of his friend. It was just hard to function in that much business and hurt. Bible school is wonderful but at the same time can make Christ all just knowledge in your head. Mike wants to get back to his relationship with God and not just answering questions on tests. This will help so much in his grieving too. So he is gonna go on a little trip by himself to a cabin in the woods with only his bible and journal! SO good.

* In the next month our life is full of loved ones. It is incredible all the people in our lives that we will see from out of state and it is making my heart jump around excited. I also took my first overnight away from Matthew to go to Ohio for a baby shower. It was a little hard but it was great to spend the evening crafting with my mom and have an entire morning sitting in the living room with a cup of coffee and talk about anything and everything with my dad. Not to mention a wonderful scrabble date at my sisters favorite coffee house.

 Pretty sister!

And the baby shower was for one of the most beautiful hearts I know. I cannot wait to see her be a mom. Sarah will be running around the woods barefoot with her little William and nursing him in trees. I can't wait.

* Im going on a little trip, alone, soon to visit a dear friend. It is not to have a mommy getaway. But to spend some quality time with her and let her know how much it means that she travels out here all the time. I really want to focus on her and stay in her studio apartment. I am so ready for this.

* Our roommate moved out. Bitter-Sweet. Nothing to complain about at all with her living with us. It was wonderful and I will miss her company But it is nice to have some space to bond as just our little family before the next baby comes. And now that some furniture has been moved out we have ALL this space. Matthew has been running around like the happiest person ever and mike and I already started "nesting" yesterday. My house has never been so organized and clean. EVER. It feels nice.

* And our little Matthew. Is FREAKING AWESOME! Im so in love and he makes me so happy inside. Wow! I love him. I was picking up his lunch off the floor that he was throwing and while I was picking it up he was throwing the rest in my hair. And all I thought is that I would not have it any other way. It would just be a bit more boring without him! UH. I love him.

* And finally. I am officially out of my 1st trimester. I am just over 13 weeks and sporting a little bump to prove it. It is fun and I feel GREAT. LOTS of exercise and I crave vegetables and tons of fruit. breads and pastas and sauces are BLAH to me. So that is good.  Just a few eating out foods that blew our budget. But no toilet trips this time. I feel so blessed.  But here is the bump so far.

13 weeks. Oh and just a little update. Mike thinks it is a girl. I think it is a boy. We will be happy either way. I daydream about both. How fun it would be to have 2 boys. WHAT A BLAST! But a little girl would be SO sweet and fun too. So I'm all about either.

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  1. yay! congrats again Denise :) so excited - you and Mike are such wonderful parents