Tuesday, July 19, 2011

my tribute to ohio, and the move to michigan

so its been a month now that we have been waiting on a call to find out if mike got a job in MI. we knew we were growing out of my parents basement and we were ready for our next move. if he got the job in MI we were going to move there, and if not, the plan was to stay here in Ohio and get a place here. we were talking the other day about how we really didnt mind where we ended up. we were just ready to move on. we prayed for the best situation while mike was taking classes. well yesterday, mike got the call that he got the job at royal oak beaumont hospital. the call i have been anticipating and wanted him to get since it was great opportunity. but when the call came, i all of a sudden had a wave of sadness. the last few times i have been back to Michigan it has started to become a place I visit. not home anymore. it has been two years since i have lived there so it was only to be expected; and i move on from things pretty easy for the most part. at least i think so. i think the sadness hit because of all that we went through living in OH. living with great friends for part of it. going through pregnancy. falling deeply in love with our midwife. we fell in love with our church and started to feel very connected. i was making new friends and recently found a mentor. i love OH. the people are so friendly and the areas we have lived in, the pace is easy going, the drivers are nice and there are some beautiful parks. very beautiful parks. strangers say hello and talk to each other. we have loved living with my parents and sister. they have become great friends and we have a lot of fun memories. we have gone to them when we needed advice and they have given us great direction for life. we have learned so much about wise financial decisions that i believe we wouldn't have learned so dramatically if we stayed in MI after the race. 

so. we are moving to Michigan. a place i loved and still do love. i always told God i wanted to be back in Detroit at least for a small period of time in my life. and here i go. i have wonderful memories and friends in MI. and though i have made sweet friends in other places, it will be fun to see what has changed in the last 2 years for people. my sister and her husband and kiddos are amazing examples to me and i always need them for some wisdom. i also have some amazing friends whose wisdom i cant wait to gain face to face. and im sure mikes family wont be too sad to live near their grandson for some time.
when we found out the news we were at peace about the move. but both of us felt a bit sad. we felt like we finally had a groove going, and here we go; moving again. but i choose to be excited. and i choose to plug in again, and i choose to be intentional and even though it is going back to a lot of old things that i was ready to move on from, i choose to believe it will be a whole new different life experience. i really am excited. and although all the lights and stop and go traffic and urgent driving (that used to be me) has been a bit overwhelming when i go back to visit, i am sure i will adapt and get used to it again.

i feel so blessed for the opportunity God has opened up for us. here we come, pure michigan

we are just living a life that allows surprises.

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