Friday, July 29, 2011


it was said almost like this after i sobbed my little eyes out to my mama C...

"baby girl. you need to watch out for A.N.T.S. That is, automatic negative thinking syndrome.  And baby girl, when those thoughts come into your head you need to stomp on them and start thanking Jesus. Thank Jesus that you have a baby who has lungs so he can cry, and who has eyes who can look at you. When those thoughts come into your head, you pull out your sword, and get on your two feet and tell the devil he is a liar. Because you are a Mighty woman of God and Michael is a Mighty man of God and you are warriors in his kingdom. And you don't tolerate the enemies lies in your head, because you are loved, and you are a wonderful mother and a wonderful wife. So thank Jesus and stomp on those ANTS."    

Thats from a skype date with my mama C right there. My spiritual mama that is. I may have almost ended the day claiming it was a bad day if it wasn't for her. 

and pappy, well he was there too. and as we talked about matthew's tininess, he gave the advice to give him biscuits and lots of gravy. yes. those two people are my southern parents. =) I love them.

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