Monday, February 7, 2011

Winter Weather Surprise

Saturday was crazy. The snow just came out of nowhere. It turned out to be a pretty good day. Michael was working and my parents and I needed some fresh air so we went down by the river where there are some awesome trails we used to go running on. We got our boots on and went on a little hike instead. It was a great workout and we had so much fun. It was soooo beautiful out.

 That would be my dad. And I found a winter coat that would zip over my belly
 My parents are so cute and in love!
And they both ended up in the snow. I am pregnant so I did not.

Along with winter surprises my friend Stefanie was on her way to Cleveland and ended up getting stuck in Toledo. Her car wouldn't make it to Cleveland, so my dad took a trip to pick her up. She ended up at my house overnight till she could find a way to get home. Stefanie and I made more memories together. We made chili, played banana grams, and ended up snuggling on the couch like we always do together. Some good music, good conversation, and some reading. I think she fell asleep reading "Harry Potter" and I fell asleep reading "PollyAnna". Wow we are nerds. (By the way, I think I'm only reading Pollyanna because the book smells like an old attic, and the pages break if you don't turn them careful enough.)

On the couch. 
I love Detroit so much, but I'm pretty sure Stefanie loves Detroit more than I do. Every time I see Stefanie she has her awesome Detroit t-shirt she wears at one point. She is part of changing that city.

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