Tuesday, February 15, 2011


So I worked at a hospital for five years and I do pretty well around blood and sick people. But for some reason when my husband goes through pain, I do not do well at all. I remember one time he was in the hospital for five days and when they were poking him for his I.V. I got so sick to my stomach. Yesterday he woke up with an awful migrane, his first one ever. He had really bad back pain on top of that. He slept most of the entire day with sunglasses on because the light was bothering him. At one point he said he was feeling nauseated and had a really sharp pain behind his eye. I then, started to get sick to my stomach and felt lightheaded. I really think I will be one of those moms that has to work up my emotinal tolerance to my kids getting sick. I just don't do well with that. I am so happy that he is doing bettter today, because yesterday was a very long day.

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