Thursday, February 10, 2011

Good Times With Patient Registration

So I am filling out my registration form for my new midwife. One of the questions asked me how many times I have moved in the past year. HA. I have no idea how to answer that question with the way our life has been.

It makes me think of when I first came home from the race and had to go to the doctors cause I was sick. I went the 3rd day I came home and it was hilarious. My sister took me in and this is what it looked like.

Registration Lady: What is your name?
Me: Well, I think at this office I'm registered under last name Bickel, but it is Murphy now.
Registration Lady: Ok. Is your phone number still (old phone number)?
Me: No
Registration Lady: What is your new phone number?
Me: I dont have a phone number
Registration Lady: What is your husbands phone number?
Me: He doesn't have a phone number either. Let me give you my sisters.
Registration lady: What is your address?
Me: Ooooo. We don't have one. We use my husbands parents address, but I don't know it off the top of my head and I don't have a number to call him to ask him. (My sister gave me her address to use)
Registration Lady: Insurance information?
Me: Don't have insurance. My international insurance just ended.
Registration Lady: You and your husbands occupation.
Me: hmmmm? (lots of laughter)
Registration Lady: Laughing. Oh hun. You gotta get yourself together.
Me and my sister: (laughing sooo hard) Yeah. Probably!

Good times. Life is stressful sometimes. But life is hilarious.


  1. this is great!!! she had to be like ummmm what?! As long as you understand, that is all that matters!