Monday, February 7, 2011


So Ive really been thinking about parenting since Im having a baby in like 6 weeks. Ive just decided that Im not one to have my style of parenting planned out and organized before he even gets here. I want to take one step at a time with each individual child cause they will all be different. But there are a few things I'm sure I won't budge on.

* I want to nurse my children.

* I don't want to buy my kids a ton of toys. I'd rather have mud and critters in the house than a million toys taking over. I risk sounding completely awful, but I would rather have my child break a bone from trying to jump out of a tree than to try and pry him out from the front of the television. I'd rather spend money to bring my children to different places and experiences then the next high tech gaming system. Growing up my cousins and I LOVED all meeting up at my grandparents. I have absolutely no memories of watching a movie or playing video games. We went fishing in the summer, and played ice hockey in the winter. We went on the paddle boat, played street hockey, basketball, and hockey in the basement. We played softball in the front yard, and flew kites, and ran through my uncles cow field, and made up trampoline games. We played so many card games and basically I could go on and on with the games we invented ourselves. I felt like I had a childhood of imagination and creativity, and I want my children to as well.

* I want to figure out my childs love language and never discipline them by going against that love language.

* If possible, I will have my husband deal with all of the childrens ear problems and ear doctor appointments. I will probably cry the whole time If I have to do it. Well, OK. I'm sure I will have to do it at some point.

* I want to find the balance between structure and flexibility.

I know I have a few more but that is all I can think of right now! I think parenting is going to be one hard and amazing adventure.

50 Amazing Things About My Dad

#46 - Mrs. Robinson: So growing up we used to have bunnies. We had so many of them throughout the years. One bunny I remember was named Mrs. Robinson. I don't really remember why we named her that. Well, we loved her, and when she died it was so hard for us girls. So that night, my dad took us to this amazing playground and I remember when it got dark we all just laid there and watched the stars for a while. Then he brought us home, put on his Simon and Garfunkel record and played us their Mrs Robinson song. So hilarious. It is a great memory.

#45 - Yahtzee: So since I have been living with my parents we play lots of games. My dad and I play yahtzee all the time, and every time that we do we have to play all six games. It's always a good time. =)

#44 - Sledding: When we lived in NY we used to have this awesome hill in our back yard. My dad would come out and go sledding on it with us and make us awesome snow jumps that made us go flying. Good times!

# 43- Miss. America: When we were younger we used to love watching Miss. America. One year we were watching it and my dad walked by the T.V. and said, " Your mother is way more beautiful than all those girls". My sister remembers another time that my dad told her, " Your mother is prettier than Cinderella." AWWW!

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