Wednesday, April 27, 2011


matthew is starting to get on a more predicatble schedule and i am more confidant with him as i get to know him more. the beautiful thing about this, it is much easier to plan outings. maybe next week i will be blogging from the local coffee shop while sitting on their couch with my sleeping baby in the awesome sling during his 2-3 hr nap. wahooo. we shall see how it goes. he was already a champ at his first worship service on Easter. They had a loud worship band which he seemed to like the noise as well; slept through the whole thing. in the beginning i was nervous to bring matthew out in public in case he cried. i didnt want anyone to be bothered. but i got some good advice from my sister.

me: im just nervous to bring him out in public incase he cries. i dont want anyone to get annoyed.
nicole: public means that people have the right to leave whenever they want.

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