Thursday, April 14, 2011


Thank the Lord that I got over being so self-conscious before I got pregnant. It really was a waste of emotional energy to always be so concerned and worried with how I looked. And I do have to say, I still have 15 pounds till Im at my pre-pregnancy weight, but somehow I feel like I'm the smallest I have ever been. Mostly because it felt like I was pregnant forever and I compare my stomach to the pregnant days. I also gained much confidence in who I am as a woman, and how beautiful and strong a woman's body is after going through labor, that even though I am 15 pounds over my normal weight and have a couple stretch marks, I am more than ready and confident for bikini weather. =) =) although I also wore a bikini at a gym pool when I was 40 weeks pregnant. Let me tell you seriously how freeing that was.
it also helps to have a husband that tells you how pretty you are throughout the day. EVERY morning, I take my personal shower and getting ready time while Michael hangs with Matthew. And EVERY morning when Im done getting ready, Michael says, "Look son, at how pretty your mom is." That surely helps.

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