Tuesday, April 26, 2011

typing, slings, wind

i am so behind on my blog its ridiculous. i have had a baby for 4 weeks and i feel like there is so much to say about the first month of being a first time mom. i get on the computer a lot more now because im nursing. it helps keep me awake in the middle of the night. sometimes i read, but in the middle of the night reading can make me sleepy. anyways, blogging is hard to do because when i am nursing i only can use one hand. well most of the time. i have mastered, at times, nursing with no hands. =) also, Matthew has decided that he wont sleep unless someone holds him. I try all day to lay him down, but I feel like the second I even step foot near his crib, his eyes pop right open. we are working on it, but sometimes he just needs his sleep more than being taught to sleep in his crib, that i have to hold him. and THAT makes it hard to get things done, and it makes it hard to type a significant blog without getting annoyed typing with one hand. so today. i have tried since 5pm to get him to nap, and i finally gave in. so i just stuck him in my sling. its beautiful. i am holding him but am hands free. so really. this blog is about how amazing a sling is so that my baby can sleep and so that i have two hands to write a blog about why i havent written a blog. oh, also this blog is about how amazing the sling is and how amazing some good gusts of wind in the great outdoors, combined, can make your child zonk right out.

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