Sunday, June 9, 2013

Full of Grace

Today in church we held our babies and praised God. I looked at their sweet faces, Benjamin just looking around and touching my face with his sweet soft hands, and Matthew with his eyes closed and hands raised, praising his creator. And I was overwhelmed with God's love and thankful for the seeds of love that God is planting in their hearts. I just felt tears of thankfulness flowing down my face. I looked around and saw a church full of hypocrites. Every single one of us is there because every day we need grace. So many people dont like the church because people have hurt them. Duh. We are people. We hurt each other. But God gives us grace. We have all judged or hurt each other, or turned or backs, or talked behind each others backs. We have all sinned towards our kids or spouse. We all mess up, but God is soooo good. Ever sooo good. He gives us unlimited chances. No matter how terrible we mess up, he can't wait for us to come back into his loving arms. I was so thankful. I felt a release. Not needing to be perfect. Not needing to be a perfect mom or sister or wife. I can try, I can do what I know will make others feel loved, but I will mess up.
I have a sister that I love dearly. We are so alike but so different in so many ways. And so often our relationship just reminds me of God's grace. We argue sometimes, we say things to hurt each other, and we don't do things the same way. But we talk it out, and we work at it because we care about grace and our relationship. yah, we cry and raise our voice sometimes, but we give grace and move on and because of it, after each misunderstanding, once we forgive and give grace we have a stronger love than we had before. I love her so much it hurts and am thankful for that relationship that gives and gives grace over and over again. And that is exactly what God does for me every day.
I am thankful today. I am nothing without him. It is good to be loved by my Savior.

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