Friday, May 3, 2013

We Are Freeeee!

I have not taken my children away from our house other than a few stroller rides for almost 2 weeks. Whaaaaaat? It was one of the hardest and trying few weeks yet of parenthood, but Id say Matthew is officially potty trained with a few things to work out. We decided against giving treats when he peed on the potty so we just had major dance parties when he did so it took a little longer but I am SO glad we did it. Yesterday he only had one accident so we finally ventured out today to Stoney Creek and he stayed dry for two 30 minute car rides. So proud of him. I'm telling you, nursing a baby and trying to watch a toddlers every move before he pees is insane. Or the times he is about to go in the living room JUST as I am getting Ben to sleep. We were so stressed and I cried a lot, but sometimes good things come with hard work. It is good to be free again. Matthew was so happy to be in the car, windows down, and Panera muffins at the park, just swinging away. Twas a good day. Oh, and as of yesterday Ben is rolling over from both ways. Woohoo. It makes the night more interesting, but I cannot believe how much these boys are growing up.

And my parents are coming up to visit for a couple days and they offered for Mike and I to go out on a date after the boys are in bed while they are here. I just LOVE my mother for thinking of us in that way. We have not been on a date in 5 months probably. We need it so badly. It will be the 3rd time in almost 4 months that I have left the house in a car without a child for more than an hour. I love my children, but we really need this and we couldn't be more thankful for the evening out.

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