Thursday, May 30, 2013


wow it has been a while since i have blogged. i have been obsessed with instagram. i cant stop taking pictures of my little babies and it has been the quickest way to upload and document what they are doing. next step, figure out how to get it on their private blogs. i have been terrible with those.
but wow. life has been a bit of a whirlwind. i never realized how busy life could get and we aren't even involved in anything other than my mommy groups. but with the kids and mike working and in school full time, by the time we get the kids to bed there is just enough to get the house clean, say hi to each other and try to catch some sleep

we have though, been so overwhelmed with love for these babies. ben is 4.5 months already. wow. he has become the easiest baby ever in the last 3 weeks. atleast to me. he wants to sleep ALL the time. he fusses till i put him in the crib and he will sleep hours at a time during the day and at night. its nice. he is so smiley and calm and eating well. he loves his brother, walks, and his crib.

matthew is the most precious two year old ever. he is getting the last of his teeth. oh those 2 year molars. 1 down, 3 to go. he just wants to run and play with ben and talk and sing and go down slides. and if i didnt limit him to one show a day, hed watch TV all day if he could. i think there is child genius in there. =)

i brought the kids to the zoo today and i was so thankful. so thanful for this time in my life to just enjoy with these little people. to enjoy life from their level. where everything is new and exciting.

while im letting them get bigger, i dont like that they are. i want them little forever. so many people tell me to enjoy it while they are young, so i am. and its ok that im not ready for them to get bigger. i look at ben and then matthew and know that in a few short years ben will be wiggling out of my arms. but now i will hold him and kiss him and squeeze ever last ounce of baby i can get out of him. and i will forever hold in my memory the sweet kisses and new sweet sentences and words of matthew.

thankful mama over here.

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