Thursday, March 7, 2013

Oh. Hey.

Oh. Hey. I have not blogged in so long. The past few weeks have been so wonderful with my boys. I am falling so in love with them more every day. Being a mom of two is really rocking my world. I am looking forward to some nice weather tho. I miss those fresh air walks during fussy time. While I am becoming so much more of a confident mom I am still seeing those insecurities come out and that is always no fun to address, but necessary right?

Well we head off to CA in a few weeks and I have never seen my husband so excited to get away.
Also, I cannot wait to get a better phone to take pictures on. I want to document better in photos but my little flip phone is not cutting it anymore. May just can't come soon enough when we get them.

But I gotta run.

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