Thursday, June 7, 2012


Now that Matthew is a super strong walker, he is a huge fan of playing and running outside.

 $10 for 150 plastic balls for a ball pit. Can't pass it up. He loves it.
                                  Matthew LOVES riding in the running stroller while I roller blade.
Last night he was using all his little muscles (even his face muscles) to carry my roller-blades to me and try to put them on my feet.

And I love this picture of my guys. I love how much Mike loves Matthew.
MIKE: "having kids was the best decision we ever made"

Why use your hand to carry your monster truck when you have a mouth?

Also, Matthew let me leave him with a bunch of kids and one babysitter yesterday at moms group. He always has a breakdown when I leave and it breaks my heart and he ends up back with me. He was happy as a peach with them all yesterday though. He is growing up so fast.

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